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How it Works

"I need the perfect venue for a corporate event"

  • We'll recommend options for free with pricing and availablity within 2 business days
  • Review our proposal, select the venue you want & we’ll forward you the contract from the venue. So simple!

"I need delicious lunch delivered to the office"

  • Order & pay for group menus curated just for you by our wonderful chefs and caterers

"I need bartenders/chefs with food & drinks onsite"

  • Let us complete your event with the best staff, food, & beverages. Simply tell us your needs and we’ll take care of the rest

Why we do what we do – Our Mission

Every event planning starts with sourcing venues or menus

We are the industry’s top experts in finding the best venues and caterers for free to help you get a jumpstart in planning a fabulous event

We want you to meet the best of the best in the industry

We’ve developed relationships with the coolest and most passionate individuals in the industry. We want you to meet them too!

To bring sexy back to corporate

Say goodbye to stale sandwiches and the same old places! We’ll clue you in to venues and caterers you’ve never considered!